Electric Boat Conversion Kit (E-Boat)

Electric vehicle full conversion kit

E-Boat Conversion Kit

We offer a full vehicle conversion kit to make your boat go electric.
Our offer includes a kit with or without the installation service with a warranty of 2 years.

EV Products

Please contact us if you are interested in our products or if you want to schedule a test drive in our EV.

EV Conversion Kit​ for Boat

We offer the most complete vehicle conversion kit to make your boat go full electric. Our kit can be assembled by anyone with the needed tools. We also provide full documentation and video instructions for an EV conversion.

Our offer includes an EV conversion kit with or without the installation service with a warranty of 2 years on all parts.

Our EV Conversion Kit includes:
EV Motor, Controller, Lithium battery pack,  Accelerator,  DC-DC converter 12V, Charger, Emergency stop switch,  Air conditioning assembly, Motor & Battery mount parts and other parts depending on the boat type.

Our offer includes a kit with or without the installation service with a warranty of 2 years.

Why are we better?

Our EV Kits are designed to be the best and most affordable EV kits for any boat type. Our interest is to have a high number of boats converted into EVs and that is possible only by providing a full kit for an affordable price.

We want to be the most reliable EV kit provider by offering you many benefits that nobody else has. That is why we include a 2-year warranty on all our parts and we also have a stock of all spare parts in our local warehouse.

Even years after of expired warranty, you can get any spare part at the best price or you can even upgrade your vehicle with more power or a longer range.

Test our demo vehicle before you buy the EV kit

As we want to provide you with the best satisfaction and the real experience before you purchase an EV kit we have prepared the test vehicles which you can use for a test drive to help you decide about your conversion to EV.

Why convert your boat into an Electric?

By converting your boat into an EV you have multiple benefits like you can charge it at home, you don’t need to have yearly oil and filter replacement service, there are much less parts in an EV so it doesn’t break like a normal petrol/diesel engine, you can keep your existing boat which you like and run it with zero CO2 emissions.

Save Your Money

Save you money on fuel, yearly oil replacement, filters, and services.

Zero CO2 emissions

Protect the future for the next generations with zero CO2 emissions.

Keep your boat

Keep the existing boat you like and prolong its life for many more years.

Frequently asked questions

We provide per boat type fully ready EV conversion kit and also a universal kit that can be used with any boat. The universal kit might need some additional motor or battery, mount holders.
We provide a warranty on all parts for 2-years. We also provide all spare parts in our warehouse for your to replace the broken parts or if you simply want to make an upgrade of your EV like a more powerful motor or more batteries for additional range.
We recommend that you contact us and get a test drive in our demonstration EVs, which will provide you with the best experience and you will get to know more about EVs and if that is for you.

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