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Company Master Plan

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Company Master Plan

The company master plan is like a strategic roadmap about our business goals for this and next years to come. Our goal is to provide the best competitive price on the market and unique products that can help to improve the speed of transition of ICE vehicles to electric.

List of current goals for 2023

– Further development of 15/30kW EV kit
– Custom transmission coupler development for all EU/US cars
– Development of 30/60kW water-cooled system for public transportation (already started)
– Development of 145kW water-cooled system for sports cars (in plans)
– AC charger network deployment in Croatia/EU
– Smart PowerWall development (with unique features)
– Custom battery modules and battery packs for sale (24,48,72,96V…)
– Battery cell sale with BMS (in plans)
– VCU with the screen (custom development)
– BMS HV with relay (custom development)
– Other electronics and sensors (custom development)

Already achieved goals in 2023

– Established a laboratory for development and testing
– Established supply chain for all products including batteries and power train
– Established supply chain for custom parts manufacturing
– 3D Development models, tools, scanners, printers, parts
– Developed test vehicles
– Started sale of EV universal kit 15/30kW
– Water electric heating for up to 230V DC (fit all cars, custom development)
– Battery heating 72-220V DC (custom development)
– Electric Power Steering (EPS)
– HV PDU Battery fuse/relay (custom development)
– LV PDU Battery fuse/relay (custom development)
– Water cooling system (custom development)
– Charging EVs over Type2 charger network

Charging Network

We have fully completed the system for the public charging network mainly focused in start on AC chargers for up to 22kW. We have our own platform including APP/Web. We have a well-established supply chain for chargers with a goal to install between 100 and 1000 chargers in 2023.


More detailed info in the video