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Sustainable City Overview

public transportation, energy-saving public lights, smart automation, thermal insulation for buildings, trees, waste separation, water management, energy production from renewables on buildings, bicycles and walking trails, citizen education, and many other things make a sustainable city.

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This is how a sustainable city should look like

What makes the ​Sustainable City

– public lights LED with automation
– solar roofs on all public buildings
– small wind turbines on roofs
– EV chargers on parking spaces
– electric public transportation
– electric utility vehicles
– waste management and separation
– bicycle and pedestrian paths and zones
– public gardens and parks
– much more green trees near the road and buildings
– wastewater and rainwater management
– waste recycling zones
– citizen education in web pages of city, schools, kindergartens, churches…
– replacement of waste bins with waste separation bins (paper, plastic, paper)

What makes the Sustainable Building or House

– Building orientation north/south depending on the climate area
– Thermal isolation of the walls
– EV reflected paint for cities with higher temperature
– Windows with high thermal value or tinted depending on the area
– The roof thermal value is also highly important
– Water and rain management
– Solar roofs and walls
– Small roof wind turbine