EV Chargers

EV Chargers

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EV Chargers

We provide public and home AC chargers between 1-22 kW.

1-phase: 3.5 and 7 kW. (price 550 EUR)
3-phase: 11 and 22 kW. (price 650 EUR)
* each charger can reduce output current to avoid electric installation overload.

Connection type: WIFI, LAN

Our public chargers are designed for all public locations like restaurants, cities, parking, shopping mall, office, and more.

We also provide a full billing platform with a Mobile APP and RFID card so you can earn on your charger sharing as the reseller.

Public chargers are designed so we can set up electricity cost day/night price and profit percent for the location usage, we also have a credit card and other payment methods to make clients of the charger easy usage. Payments using public chargers can be made over APP or by using an RFID card.

Example case for the restaurant having our EV charger:
daily electricity cost per kW is 0.15€, restaurant commission is 10%, and gateway commission for processing payment is 10% which equals to the price of 0.18€ per kW for the client using an EV charger.

If you are interested to place EV chargers on your parking or custom location please contact us.

We are focused on chargers between 1-22 kW because they can be placed anywhere and as many people don’t want to use fast charging because of the faster battery degradation. Fast chargers over 22 kW are more suitable for highways while our chargers are more suitable for daily use.

Recommended charger locations

We recommend placing charges on suitable locations like:

– Hotel, motel, hostel, rooms…
– Tourists rent houses and apartments
– Private or public parking locations
– City street parking
– Restaurant parking lot
– Store or company parking lot
– Shop parking
– Shopping center parking lot
– Car washes where there is a vacuum cleaner
– Private property

* Contact us and start earning on your charger location.



Wiring and Testing

Wall Mount Instructions