EV DC-DC converter 96V to 12V 500W


Electric Vehicle DC-DC converter 12V (13.8V) 500W with a max burst of 50 amps.
DC-DC converter is used to charge the car’s 12V battery and to supply electricity for all car electronics like headlights and similar.

This DC-DC converter is electrically isolated from input to output to ensure safe use, operates at high efficiency, and has a stabilized output voltage capable of charging 12v batteries and safely operating electronic equipment. Multiple DC-DC converters can be used in parallel to increase the output current.

This model in the video uses 72-120V and converts it to 13.8V with a power of 500W.
Test Power consumption: 11W
Maximum Efficiency: ≥88%
Environmental Enclosure: IP65
Operating Temperature: -20℃-+60℃
Usage under 20A constant current doesn’t need a cooling fan.

Water & vibration Resistant: Enclosure is sealed to protect from water and vibration.

Enable Switch Control: The converter can be controlled by a switch or relay on the enable (green) wire circuit. Connect to pack positive to enable.
Overheat Protection: Automatically reduces output current if the temperature is over 60°C, but does not shut down – this maintains power for your accessories.

Short Circuit Protection: Shuts down, then auto-resets after a short circuit is corrected.

Under Voltage Protection: Shuts down when the input voltage is too low to avoid pack over-discharge.

Output Voltage: 13.8V±0.2V @0A, >12V @50A


Damage to the DC-DC will occur if you swap input and output wires, or if you apply reverse polarity to the connectors.
Do not open the DC-DC Case – there is a risk of electric shock, and your warranty may be void.


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Dimensions 23 × 14 × 6.5 cm


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