EV Conversion kit 15kW 96V

Electric Vehicle Conversion kit 15/30kW 96V/108V AC
This EV conversion kit is recommended for vehicles under 1200Kg and speeds up to 100km/h.

Rated power: 15kW
Peak power: 30kW
Rated RPM: 3000
Peak RPM: 6000
Rated Torque: 47 Nm (34 lb-ft)
Peak Torque: 170 Nm (125 lb-ft)
Max Input Voltage: 120V DC
Voltage: 96V/108V (LFP Battery 30S 3.2V)
3-Phase Motor
Protection: IP55
Insulation class: H
Permanent magnet
Regenerative braking
Cooling: Air
Weight: 50 Kg

– Motor AC
– Motor Controller (DC to 3-phase AC inverter)
– DC-DC converter 500W (750W peak)
– Charger 25A 2500W (2800W peak)
– Vacuum system for breaks
– Emergency stop switch (required for homologation)
– Battery Monitor (required for homologation)
– Battery Pack + BMS (depending on the range)
– Air conditioning assembly (if requested)
– Power steering assembly (if requested)
– Transmission assembly (if requested)
– Additional Wires (if requested)
other parts on request


The price depends on the list of parts needed. The Basic Kit price is ~4999 €.



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