Preparing your home for EV converted car

Preparing your home for EV converted car

Preparing your home for an EV-converted car is not complicated as we provide a home plug and all other charger plugs that you might need with our EV conversion kit.

However, we recommend adding solar panels to your home (if possible) as that will drastically improve your electricity bills and you can drive your car for free or almost free.
Here is a simple example for Croatia/EU: home electricity cost per kWh is 0.12€ while industrial is 0.40€.

Now let’s say that a small city EV car consumes 12kWh on 100 km, it can be up to 20kWh depending on the car’s weight, aerodynamics, and tires.

That means that on house charing your expense will be 1.44€ for 100 km, while on the industrial it will be 4.80€.
However, taking into count that you have solar panels your cost for 100 km now becomes much lower or 0 depending on the solar system setup.

Don’t forget that you can install solar panels in many places even if you live in a building in the city, like balconies, terraces, windows…
All you need is solar panels, a fuse box, and an on-grid inverter.

The yearly calculation for 15 000km
– House plug: 216€ (without solar panels)
– Industrial plug: 720€

We will not compare here charging stations as the price of charging stations depends on the charger strength and its cost is more than the industrial plug.

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