Temperature Controller Switch 12V 20A


Temperature Controller LED Display Thermostat with Heating/Cooling Control

*Can select cooling or heating working mode
*Set highest/lowest upper limit temp to avoid an accident
*Automatically start cooling or heating for constant temperature
*Temperature calibration, you can calibrate temp according to the requirement
*High temp alarm, when measure temp reaches the set temp, the controller will alarm

Power Supply: 12V
Relay: 20A
Temp.Control Range: -55-120C
Color of Display: Red & Blue
Measurement accuracy: ±0.1°C
Control accuracy: 0.1°C
Environmental requirements: -10-60°C , humidity 20%-85%RH
Temperature Sensor wire: 1 meter

*Dimensions: 79 * 43 * 26 mm (Approx.)
*Hole Size: 74 * 39 mm (Approx.)

Package includes:
1 x Temperature Controller
1 x 1m Probe Cable

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