BMS 30S with Relay 500A (1500A Peak)


BMS 30S 60A with Relay 500A (Peak 1500A)
Relay Info: EV200AAANA
This BMS is for LiFePo4 Battery 30S, 3.2V (96V system)

– BMS 30S
– BMS cables
– BMS Bluetooth
– 4x Temperature sensor
– Relay 100-500A (with Max Peak 1500A)
– Relay power supply 96V

Relay options Amps: 100, 120, 200, 500

Relay detailed info:
APP Info:

Relay is used to connect and disconnect positive wire B+ which is opposite from the BMS standard controlling B-.
Controlling B+ is a much safer option and relay with our power supply allows you to control high voltage and high current.

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